Commercial Mortgage Broker Services 

Commercial finance requires specialists who understand the market, client needs and service expectations.

Development Finance

Loans to finance the acquisition of land and subsequent property development. 

Bridging Loans

A short term solution during development stages or to make a fast purchase. 

Commercial Mortgages

When it makes sense to own your business's commercial premises.

What is a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage or "commercial property loan" is a finance agreement on a property which is designated as being for commercial use. This is typically an industrial unit, retail unit or office. 

Commercial property mortgages are also used to invest or purchase what could also be described as residential properties which now house a business. A typical example could be a dentist surgery or solicitors who are based in what was a terraced house on a main road in the centre of town.

What types of Properties can be purchase with a commercial mortgage?

Here is a list of typical properties we can help you finance

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Units
  • Mechanics Garage - MOT Stations
  • Office Buildings and Blocks
  • Doctors, Vets and Dentists
  • Care Homes and Nursing Homes
  • Land for Developments
  • Agricultural Land and Small Holdings
  • Gyms and Leisure Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts

Note: In most cases you will not have the option to use a normal residential type mortgage to purchase property which is connected to a business use or has a particular use classification with the local council and valuation office agency. 

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Who needs to consider a commercial mortgage?

It has been proven that in various scenarios a commercial mortgage makes great financial and business sense. If the below scenarios fit your current situation then further investigation of the commercial mortgage options available to you is advised. 

  • Business owner currently renting commercial premises
  • Business owners looking to expand there business
  • Property Investors looking to rent commercial property to a business 
  • Portfolio Landlords looking to consolidate multiple lenders into one facility with a single financier 
  • Residential buy to let investors looking to buy property such as multi unit blocks of flats and apartments 

Should you use a local commercial broker or your bank?

This question can often be answered quickly as not all high street banks offer commercial mortgages. If your bank does have a commercial property loan facility then it may be worth comparing that with your local brokers offering. However this can be time consuming and it may be beneficial to consider the below pros and cons of each approach. 


  • Access to a range of products from multiple providers 
  • Assistance during the application process 
  • Holistic approach, consolidate other business financing needs 
  • Time saved by having one point of contact 


  • You will need to pay a broker fee 
  • Your own bank may have an exclusive deal 


It can be argued that using a broker saves time and produces a smoother transaction. A specialist commercial finance broker will have a deep understanding of the market and which bank your lending proposition is likely to appeal to. They will have access to multiple lenders who are effectively bidding for your business via the broker. In most cases this leads to a better overall financial position and client experience. 

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